A letter from a Christian teen

When I was in elementary school, one of my greatest enjoyments was driving past the high school on my way to violin lessons. Why? Teenagers. To me, a young naive child, teenagers were weird, messed up children who dressed weird and talked weird. In my own world, I made it my mission to never become a teenager.

Well what do you know. On my thirteenth birthday I was officially a teenager. But to my surprise, there was another type of teenager. Not the kind who stand on the sidewalk after school, smoking and cussing, but the kind who love Christ and love others and live for that. The kind who live their lives asking “How will this affect my future?”. Of course Im not the perfect teen and never have been, but it has come to my attention that maybe teens today have the perfect opportunity to make a difference.

So through making this website, I hope to 1. Inspire others and 2. Let out my ideas and make a difference one person at a time.

Im not planning on stating facts; what to do and what not to do; why something is wrong and something is right. Im not planning on writing a sappy heart wrenching story about love, heartache, romance and whatever else falls in that category. This is about choosing to live. Not just being alive. But actually living. I’ve learned three main things in my 16 years of being alive: 1. Not to settle for anything. There are things more important than settling down, getting married and having kids. I learned that while you are young or even old to get up and make a difference. Travel the world, MAKE A BUCKET LIST,  really learn what it means to live life.

2. The second thing I’ve learned (and please don’t stop reading when you read this) is to follow God. No, i don’t want to travel the world preaching to everyone and converting everyone

to Christianity ending world hunger and turning everyone to priests. No I don’t want to shove the Bible into your face and scare you into Christianity. I am not a saint, I am a broken sinner who is being healed by God daily. I simply want to follow him in the ordinary everyday living. To live for his glory means to truly live. To not fear death, because you have faith and you know that death for a follower of Christ is life. This world isn’t my home. My home is with Christ and my spot there is being reserved for the moment. So for now, I am living in this broken world, exploring, following my passions, and serving people and God along the way. Life is not perfect, and at sometimes not even good. But it never will be because this world is broken from sin. So for now by turning my life to Christ, my life has meaning.

3. Embrace the kind of person that God made you!!!! If you are a loud person, Embrace it!! Go to a soccer game and yell your brains out just cause you can. For the fun of it, spend the day at the library or at a lake and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you’re a quiet person, try to jump out of your comfort zone just every once in while or go to a coffee shop and dive head first into a new book. Maybe start a conversation with a stranger just to get out of yourself.

Find out who God made you and embrace it. Live the life God gave you. Stop hating yourself for who you aren’t and love yourself for what you are. If your plan isn’t working, God has another plan for you and it will work out so much better! If life seems to be falling apart, just start doing the necessary, then start doing the possible, and suddenly your doing the impossible and be brave, God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. You were given this life because God knows you’re strong enough to live it. For me, I know being a Christian demands constant progression, not perfection. So go out and live your life God has given you! Don’t worry about what others think!! Sometimes I feel stupid but I just keep moving on and watching God work through me. God is like oxygen, you cant see him but you can feel him.

Live life in the ordinary everyday moments, suddenly you’ll be doing the extraordinary.




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